Tess has been a documentarian filmmaker for the past decade, traveling the world to interview, photograph and document many cultures and strong issues in the world today. It is the vision of Tess to be a producer/director/writer of projects that will shift the world and create a place for changing international laws.

Feature Film Trailer: “Road to Redemption” directed by Jeta Amata (Jeta Amata Concepts) early-child marriage is a topic that is an issue that has taken the world by storm, as there are still over 100 countries in the world who allow for men to marry young girls, as early as 8 years old.

Tess was a producer on this film, as well as an advocate for bringing awareness surrounding these issues. President John Mahama from Ghana & President Buhari from Nigeria are dedicated to change the laws in their own countries. This film is being released to help support their efforts.

Feature films and documentaries on Tess’s slate for 2016-2018 are the following:

Queen of the Dancehall (principle photography Summer 2016)

Operation Big Sister Documentary (began filming March 2016)

Operation Big Sister (principle photography January 2017)

The Factory (short film) Fall 2016

“A Voice from the Congo” is a short film with a long mission. Tess traveled to the heart of Congo to explore and document the story of a man who was running for President. After she experienced financial abuse, she made the decision to not give up on the overall mission, which was to bring light to the topic of how women and children were being brutally raped and beaten on a daily basis, over the precious mineral coltan.

Tess continued to film her experiences and have the voices of Congolese people heard, through:

  • producing, filming and editing this short film “A Voice from the Congo”
  • taking to the streets in LA and filming the protests of Congolese expats – before the 2012 elections
  • producing a compilation of music “Voices from Africa” released in 2016
  • producing and writing a song “Politics of Love” which garnered a nomination at the Hollywood Music in Media Awards (HMMA) in 2012 for World Music category.
 politics of love image
Politics of Love