From serious topics, to talk show variety, Tess as (created, directed and written) the following programs, as well well-versed in a variety of styles and productions.

 Kitchen Cacciatore

Kitchen Cacciatore is a healthy twist in the culinary world of food, culture, travel, and design. Tess loves entertaining and cooking for family and friends. This brand is building a fan-base to demonstrate cooking for foodies worldwide. Kitchen Cacciatore Blog

This dark comedy is set to the backdrop of wealth and power, ranging from a small Louisiana town, to major metropolitan cities. Club Santino is a poignant, twisted, and somber perspective into the life of the Santino family; from the eyes of a mobster’s young son.

Club Santino
“Secrets Families Keep!”

GWEN Talks
with Tess & Terrah

Man UP!

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