World Trust Foundation’s mission is to mentor young leaders, and to create a sustainable future for a healthy planet.

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Tess founded World Trust Foundation in 1994, when she was also producing a project “World Jam 1” where a collaboration of musicians came together on a 4 CD box set of interactive music.

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The vision of the World Trust Foundation is to facilitate communication through all forms of media between young people around the world to cultivate understanding of one another’s culture, heritage and values in ways that lead to lasting positive change.

Through the use of media and technology, the World Trust Foundation is dedicated to the future of our planet and to inspire youth to have their voices heard. It’s YOUR VOICE – YOUR CHOICE.

Empowering young leaders and earth heroes for World Trust is the mission and vision. Earth Heroes went to the Return to Freedom wild horse sanctuary for an empowering time with the wild horses. (courtesy of Animal Planet).


People Social Networking and Computer Network Concepts


The World Trust has been through an amazing journey, leading up to the point where technology has caught up with the vision of Founder,Tess Cacciatore. Over the past decade, here are a few highlights that have been accomplished through World Trust:

  • Environment Education: over 100,000 students impacted by workshops, curriculum and in-school programming
  • Trees planted several hundred trees in South Africa, Thailand, US and more for carbon neutral (Brazilian rain-forestation 2009)
  • Built 38 homes within one year in Sri Lanka, in answer to the 2005 tsunami
  • Global Youth Missions in tandem with AAI partnerships – humanitarian aid in: Ghana, Cambodia, Thailand, Botswana, El Salvador, Sri Lanka and more
  • Fed over 26,000 families and 1.2 million children in 3 years for holiday program (FEED 333 umbrella program) 2005-2008)

Here are a few videos representing World Trust Foundation – produced, shot, directed and edited by Tess Cacciatore.