Tess has always been an advocate for media and technology, to go hand in hand with inspiring programs and getting viral campaigns that make a difference.

In these projects Tess has produced, directed, edited and created.


Finding GWEN: The Beauty Within is the gathering of 17 women from all walks of life, who go through a self-discovery process about their own beauty within, their feelings and their eventual transformation.


APPLE TREE – Mothers and daughters come together to reveal their stories:


NATIVE AMERICANA – the story of a “riches to rags” life of a man who had the world by the tail – as he then slipped down the rabbit hole to find himself on the other side of the tracks and on the other side of life. 

Coming from a life filled with dance from age 7, Tess was a professional dancer throughout college and while living in New York and Los Angeles until 1993, when she toured Southeast Asia as a singer and hip-hop dancer. Her love for the expression of dance carried her into learning belly dance – which then inspired the early-learning children’s book “Bella Wishes” written and distributed in 2004.

From the book, Tess produced and directed an 8 week dance course (taught by Anahata Spurkel) which had the end result of Pink Lotus: Belly Dance for Girls of All Ages – this multi-lingual DVD dance instruction hit the market in 2005 and has been featured globally for girls to be inspired by empowerment of their own bodies and self expression – Check out more information on Pink Lotus and Bella Wishes. 



Realizing the importance of being grounded in a busy world, Tess is an advocate for healthy living, yoga, meditation and keeping mindful.

Here is a sample of “Mind Over Matter Minute” short pieces that give time for a person to reflect each and every day.


The Explorers: Featuring Dean Bernal and JoJo the Wild Dolphin