A Time Line of Commitment and Passion

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Tess has been traveling the globe for the past 25 years, in search of stories, understanding cultures, and filming/photographing the wonderful people that have crossed her path.




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Her book “Homeless to the White House” shares her journeys, her joys, and her trials. Her commitment is unstoppable!





IMG_0606While living in New York during her twenties, Tess was an actress oncommercials and soap operas, as well as a co-host/producer on a talk show “That’s Showbiz” highlighting celebrities who had sound advice for those starting in the industry. She was signed to “Bobcat Records” (CBS Records) for several years, traveling the east coast playing clubs and events, with the chart-topping hits of the 80’s.

Her move to Los Angeles was the beginning of many career adventures, that spanned more into working on global issues. Her tour in music took her to perform in Honduras, during the war. She saw levels of poverty for the first time in her life, which made a lasting impression of taking her art and creative expression to help shed a light on the human rights atrocities in the world.

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Fun blast from the past: Award-winning Honda Scooter commercial